Thursday, October 2

Worth Sharing 2

This free tool from FutureLab allows you to choose from the library of ready-made thinking guides, or to make your own. You can change and customise them; using text, shapes, and images, then send, print or work collaboratively with others. It pays to register so that you have the saving option and can build your own set of templates or plans. Thanks Judi Buckley for tracking this resource down.

Glogster for Educators
Have fun exploiting ‘communicating using images, symbols and text’ with glogster for educators.
Check out this link for examples of how students used glogster to represent a character from a film. Awesome work Katikati College Year11’s.

Online Student Dictionary
Build word power by providing opportunities for your students to contribute to this online ‘wiki- style’ dictionary.

A top resource for professional learning compiled by CORE Education NZ Ltd .
EDTalks is a growing collection of videos featuring New Zealand and International educators talking about learning.
I got a lot out of this 5 min clip ‘Inquiry as a disposition' from Sharon Freisen. Sharon talks about inquiry being a disposition, rather than a process that “gets done” by students.

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Mrs C said...

Hiya Rochelle

Haven't looked in here for awhile. Was wondering if you could recommend any games that wold be suitable for Yr10 boys - I'm thinking about a thematic unit based on Presnky's title 'Don't bother me Mum, I'm learning!!'

Look forward to hearing anyone's ideas here...