About Me

I am currently a Digi-Advisor for Te Toi Tupu network  and I job-share a Year 5/6 class.

I have a broad background in education, with experience as a teacher, team-leader, cluster facilitator, adviser, pre-service lecturer, Board of Trustees member and parent.

My current role as Digi Advisor involves providing e-learning leadership to the sector, advice to ministry personnel, and connectivity between a range of e-Learning initiatives. This role also involves providing focussed professional learning opportunities for Digistore, Software for Learning and Te Kete Ipurangi to teachers, schools and professional learning providers, nationally.

In keeping abreast and sharing my e-learning thinking I regularly present at conferences, maintain a blog and facilitate an e-learning leader’s network.

A key goal of my work is to support others to embrace the potential of e-learning by creating and sharing practice that exemplifies the effective selection and use of ICT.

I am particularly interested in exploring the conditions that contribute to successful blended learning environments.

For more information including my curriculum vitae please email me: rjensen@waikato.ac.nz