Monday, December 15

Just Scratching the Surface??

Getting The Gist of Google

This video highlighted what an inefficient searcher I am!!
Many of us use only a fraction of the potential of some technologies. This 7 minute video explains how to use some of the in-built features of the google search engine.
The power of using quotations, the minus feature and colons are just a few tips that I am certain will increase my web searching efficiency.

Perhaps you could view this video with your students; they may even like to use the ideas to create a video or 'top tips' sheet to support their peers in successful searching.
More resources that could provide great springboards are available here:
classroom posters

Searching skills are a key 'new literacy' skill for us and our students.
Do we assume that students are better at it than we think?
Is it something that we teach explicitly?
do we monitor searching effectiveness?
Would love your feedback.

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Craig Steed said...

Handy little video, it's funny I went to a 1.5 hour workshop on this at ULearn'08. I bet the presenter had watched this first, maybe I could have just been sent this?

good find.

Craig Steed said...

Great little video. It's funny, I'd been to a 1.5 hour workshop at ULearn'08 on this. I bet the presenter had seen this first?! It was still a good workshop though.

Good find.