Monday, October 22

Voice - Thread

This application has more potential for e-learning than anything I have seen in a while.
The strength of this web -based software is its ability to capture the thoughts and ideas of a target audience by inviting them to input their voice or written comments. Initially I saw this tool as useful to capture student voice by encouraging oral reflection but the more I played with it the more opportunities I saw. Check out these examples from the voice thread library.
Voice threads for:
Peer teaching
Analysing art work/pictures
Digital storytelling
To present findings
Capturing Ideas and Thoughts

Basic settings in ‘Voice Thread’ allow you to control who your voice threads are shared with and who can comment on them. Threads are easily embedded into blogs etc.
There is a free version and a pro version. The pro version is free to educators and allows unlimited use of the product.
This voice thread direct from the voice –thread library overviews the product nicely:

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