Wednesday, October 17

50 Web 2.0 Ways To Tell A Story

Via twitter, I have been keeping an eye on the K12 Online Conference. The work of Alan Levine from the USA has been a highlight so far. He has created a wiki on ‘50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story’. This impressive classroom based resource supports the following three steps in telling a simple story:

1. Outlining the story idea - Designing a basic story concept that can be created in a web 2.0 tool using images, audio, and/or video. Lots of tools to help generate story ideas are included.

2. Finding the Media –Images, audio and video. We could collect our own or use the links to licensed or shared media.

3. Picking a Tool To Build Your Story – This well-organised list of web 2.0 tools is organised using the following categories: timeline,slideshow,mixer, comic, scrapbook, map, audio and presentation. Each tool is briefly summarised and even shows examples of work that has been created with it.

This resource is indeed worthy of a bookmark, it goes a long way in demonstrating multi-literacy. Alan has shown the same story using each of the fifty web 2.0 tools!
By limiting the tool options to suit the year level, I can see this experience being a hit across the age levels.

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