Monday, October 22

Cellphones - the "Swiss army knife" for student research and organization?

This K12 presentation by Lani Ritter-Hall caught my eye. The accompanying wiki is great for an overview of software to aid the use of of cellphones as data collection tools: audio recorders, digital cameras, and digital camcorders.
Congratulations to our 2008 female e-fellow Toni Twiss, Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, Hamilton. Her research will look at the place of mobile technologies in secondary schools.

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Toni said...

Thanks Rocky! I know - I am the only girl so there's a whole heap of pressure there!!! Better make sure I represent the fairer sex well next year!

Also, thanks for the great link. Have also been listening to/watching the K12 conference presentations but there is so much there it is hard to know what is good so recommendations from others are good - especially in the lead up to exams where five minutes to listen and think about a text is so hard to find! I have just started up a new blog about my mobile research. It isn't very interesting just yet - mostly because I haven't started researching! At this stage only one post of a guy from Nokia speaking at TED. I enjoyed it from about half way through - the earlier stuff was fairly straight forward.

Would love to catch up sometime. Maybe next year I could come over and see what some of the TGA schools are doing??