Thursday, April 12

e-competencies for Tauriko School

Developing a set of e-competencies for staff at Tauriko School was the theme of one of our teacher only day sessions in late January.
Many thanks to the Manaiakalani cluster for their inspiration with this post.

We decided (during the session) that developing our own set of e-competencies was a good idea as it would achieve the following purposes:
● to make a mark ‘in the sand’ of the expected base level of operation for teachers at Tauriko School .
● to support individual teachers and groups to set e-learning goals.
● to inform the contents and structure of a professional learning programme aimed at supporting all teachers to make forward steps in e-learning.

Follow this link to see what we came up with.

What next?
- individual/group goals set and  matched with support from colleagues
-e-learning goals and progress discussed as part of  appraisal
- e-competencies revisited annually?

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