Tuesday, August 16

Broader Views of Literacy

Today I lectured a group of approximately 100, 3rd year teachers’ college students. This lecture was part of a broader view of literacy module. To demonstrate what is happening in NZ schools I utilised many of the snapshots of learning on Software for Learning.
Snapshots of Learning illustrate how software and digital content, from Digistore and/or Software for Learning, have been integrated to support teaching and learning in New Zealand classrooms. They are intended as a taster to the software and digital content – an indication of how one teacher has recognised the potential to support learning. Current Snapshots of learning are posted on the Software for Learning website
Snapshots really are a wonderful resource to support teacher professional learning; those published in the last 18months drip of effective pedagogy and are written using the teaching as inquiry framework.
Some recently published snapshots include:
Using You Tube as an interactive presentation tool - Somerville Intermediate School
Children retell their stories through animation - Onehunga-Cuthbert Kindergarten
Te Reo peer tutoring using movie-maker and skype - Melville Intermediate
Access the full (and growing)collection here.
The Changing Face of Literacy - Powerpoint used during lecture.

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