Tuesday, August 24

What's Hot On The Radar of E-Learning Leaders?

The e-learning bop network met last week and spent the day exploring themes of interest that had emerged via the group wiki: http://elearningbop.wikispaces.com/19th+August

Speed-geeking and an e-learning smack-down were popular sharing strategies that helped to make the most of the groups’ immense expertise.
Systems and strategies to support e-capability were discussed from the school charter level right through to what unit planning might look like. See resources and models on the wiki.
Mobile technologies were another key theme.
We explored:
*What pedagogy might underpin the use of mobile devices?
*What are some quality educational applications for use on a mobile device?
*What needs to be considered when making purchasing decisions?
This is our list so far:
•What is our vision for e-learning? How does the purchase of mobile technologies fit with this vision?
•Is our infrastructure going to cope with it? Have we had a comprehensive look at the physical infrastructure?
•Will our ‘wireless network’ manage the increased use?
•Where can we find successful school models?
•Who will co-ordinate this project? How will they be supported?
•What do we want the mobile devices to do? An i-pad is not a laptop!
•How will we manage student/teacher access? policies, internet filtering…

What else could be added to this list?
To find out more about this network, visit our wiki: e-learning bop

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