Thursday, July 1

How effective are the OLE's you engage with?

"You can build the Taj Mahal but it doesn’t mean anyone is going want to live in it”.
Source Unknown

The above quote rung true for me today during a workshop on ‘Online Learning Environments to Support Teacher Professional Learning’. I spent the majority of the time waiting for pages to load, losing my way and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of time required to participate in any of the activities.
This experience reminded me of the importance of continually consulting with our stakeholders on the effectiveness of our online learning environments.
Considering questions such as:
*Does supplementing ‘face-to-face’ with an ‘online environment’ enhance learning? How?
*What practices/conditions are associated with more effective online learning?”

Google Analytics may also be useful. Learn how to interpret and act on your data here: Beginning Analytics.

I would be interested in hearing what strategies you use to impact the effectiveness on the OLE's that you facilitate.

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Fastpaddy said...

The first thing to realise is that it is still about the learner. The second thing to consider is that you cannnot use F2F strategies in an online environment. Learning will happen differently - you need to know this, but so do your students. The third thing to realise is that you still want the same outcomes as the F2F environment, but the assessment method/approach may be different. So how do you get there? How do you build relationships with your students in an online environment? How do you get students to build relationships with each other? How do you communicate and how often? How do you answer questions? How do you get your students to participate and contribute and if students are not actively participating, does this mean they are not learning?

Once you have come to grips with the actual "how to" of the OLE, the process of answering the above questions will hopefully lead you along a path of lesson design which addresses the above questions. The more you can build a community of learners in the OLE the better.