Tuesday, June 29

G-Man Greets Glogster Groupies

It was with great pleasure this evening that we met with Jim and Ivana from Glogster. This company is working hard to manage exponential growth. Last year users grew from 100000 to 5 million. They are committed to continuing to offer the basic version of GlogsterEdu free for educators and shared lots of future plans including student sharing, student portfolios and teacher libraries. Jim and Ivana are keen to receive feedback from educators, if you have any questions, comments,ideas for development or examples of student work please add to the comments below and we will forward them.

For further information on Glogster and to see examples in a New Zealand context visit Software for Learning.

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karen said...

Hi Rochelle,
Thanks for the picture! Glad to hear you are excited about all the new features and benefits on our Premium version of Glogster EDU!
Karen Shea