Monday, June 28

Designing Learning Spaces

Over 16 countries were represented at today’s Leadership Symposium -ISTE 2010.
A powerful keynote facilitated by Karen Cator engaged us in exploring processes and strategies for designing learning spaces.

Take-away‘s for me included:
1. Architecture Precipitates Behaviour
2. We need to lead reflection on the design of new and existing learning spaces.
This process could include asking questions such as:
• What behaviour does/could our architecture precipitate?
• How does this space / could this space support desired learning principles?
ISTE Learning Principles.
3. To inform the reality of this process we need to keep asking a range of people: How do you learn? When you wake up and you need to learn something what actions do you engage in?

As part of this session we worked in groups, using learning design principles to create a visual representation of an ideal learning space.

This document has been designed to support school leaders to facilitate dialogue on the design of their schools’ learning space, both physical and virtual.
Through engagement in this process, groups reflect on effective pedagogy: How does ‘our space’ support teacher actions that promote student learning?

Valuable Links:
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The learning is set to continue as everyone is invited to add a photo to the ISTE learning space blog : " if you see a space or environment that strikes you , add it to our Learning Space blog by emailing a photo to this address:".

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Fastpaddy said...

Hi Rocky

Would love to talk to you more about this because this has real relevance for virtual learning and developing learning using LMS's and eportfolios for F2F classes.