Wednesday, August 13

KWL - Resources and Tools Table Mat

Our ICTPD cluster, Waimarino, is in its second year. One of the teachers, Jamin, approached me re compiling a list of skills, possibilities related to ICT integration. Although we didn't want this to become an ICT checklist we felt it was important that teachers had a guide to knowing 'what else is possible' as often ‘we don't know what we don't know'!

Download a copy here

Possible Ways to Use the Resources and Tools Tablemat:
* a guide for some aspects of our cluster professional learning programme.
* for staff meetings, perhaps teachers could identify something they know and can share and link up with a colleague that wants to learn this and has something to share with the other person – ‘personalizing learning’ , I think we call it!
* this resource could be tweaked and used as descibed above with our students.
* laminate it and use it as a table-mat for your weet-bix!

Download a copy here

I welcome your feedback and ideas.

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