Tuesday, July 1

Show Me the Money

A friend flicked me this report ‘Review of Schools’ Operational Funding – ICT Resourcing Framework – Oct 2007’ and although a hefty read I found it really useful in providing me with some background re MOE thinking in terms of funding for ICT resources.

The report recognised that:
**ICT is an area putting pressure on schools in the management of their operations grant.
**A forward looking framework for the resourcing of ICT across the schooling sector should be developed

Key messages from the report re the way forward:
• A resourcing framework for ICT would provide the sector with more support and greater certainty.
(I took this to mean more information such as that related to standards for cabling, servers, switches etc)
• Additional resourcing should be made available and used to fund ICT network infrastructure development (At present this should come from a schools property grant.)
• Additional funding should be provided ‘in cash’ to meet ICT needs and to relieve some of the pressure on schools operational funding
• Flexibility and self-management are important features of the proposed resourcing framework. Schools are best placed to make resource allocation decisions about their ICT needs.

All sounds pretty good to me. Download the full report.

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