Wednesday, July 2

Fresh Lesson Ideas

I always enjoy skimming through the latest Interface Magazine - the team at Interface are doing an amazing job of supporting educators with the use of ICT!!
I usually note down some practical ideas from the back section on lesson plans. In the last edition I particularly liked the collaborative story writing/musical chairs plan by Marnie Thomas and the geometric shape challenge. I was delighted to find a link to a library of all these lesson plans on the Interface site. Thanks Interface! All NZ schools should be receiving one free copy if you aren't register online.

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Marnie Thomas said...

Hi Rocky,
I don't think the musical chairs one was mine but the shape lesson was. Glad it has been interesting to someone! I have been finding lots of good links on your blog lately so keep up the sharing - I like the looky book one - must have missed that one in interface but have it bookmarked now!!