Tuesday, July 8

The Best of…

This site is worth a trip to your favorites!

Larry Ferlazzo, blog author, compiles a series of “The Best of ……..” lists that highlight what he believes to be the best educational websites. There are over 100 lists and they are continually updated.
Some that I have found useful include:
The Best Websites to Help Beginning Readers
The Best Websites for Creating Online Learning Games
The Best of the Best 2007/2008
The Best Online Tools for Collaboration — NOT In Real Time
The Best Sites for Students to Easily Create & Display Online Projects

Allow some -time to check out the entire directory:


Larry Ferlazzo said...

Thanks for sharing the lists with your readers!


Cola said...

Hi Rochelle. Just wanted to add my bit to you blog. Met you at the BT course in Rotorua few weeks ago now. Have started my journey with blogging and have been enjoying keeping up with your posts. Thanks for the intial motivation and inspiration to get started. It's pretty exciting out there.