Tuesday, June 17

Worth Sharing

I have been using ‘google desktop search’ for a couple of weeks now and I am loving it.
It looks just like the search bar that you would use when searching the web but instead it searches your computer. Those wasted hours looking for lost files are over. It’s a free download, a real quick install, super user-friendly and a fast and effective search engine.

Also worth a mention is ‘google docs’. We all need to be thinking about alternatives to Microsoft Office so I was grateful to Sharon Harper for sharing her wisdom on this web- based word-processor. I used it the other night to edit a document with a colleague at Massey. Basically you open your document, invite collaborators and both of you get to edit the document - changes are automatically saved every few seconds so all collaborators can view them. We also made use of skype so we could chat as we edited the document – a really effective session.

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Allanah said...

Here's the on line word processor that I use. Very clean and works similarly to Google Docs- can download to word or pdf when finished. You may like to give it a go.