Wednesday, May 28

e-Learning Teacher Fellowships 2009

Thanks Sarah Jones, Senior Adviser, e-Learning Schooling,
Ministry of Education for this info.

**Are you using e-learning in your classroom in innovative and creative ways?
**Are you eager to explore an aspect of your e-learning practice?
**Are you passionate about sharing what you find out?

In early August, the Ministry of Education will call for applications for e-fellows for 2009. We are looking for classroom teachers using e-learning in innovative ways and who want to improve their understanding of what works for learners.

Some aspects of the e-fellowship programme are changing. Each year, e-fellows’ projects will have a theme. For 2009, teachers will be invited to submit proposals describing their innovative e-learning practice in literacy. Successful applicants, supported through the fellowship, will inquire in-depth into this aspect of their classroom practice.

e-Fellows will receive individual, specialised support from researchers to develop their inquiry project. Researchers will also produce findings on common themes across the e-fellows’ projects.

e-Fellows will participate in professional learning with other e-fellows and will share their findings with the teaching community. They will produce a professional e-portfolio, demonstrating the teaching and learning challenges, shifts in their thinking and practice, and outcomes for students.

The ministry will provide teacher release time and funding arrangements appropriate to the proposed projects, which are expected to run over several school terms.

Criteria for proposals and information on the application process will be released in early August 2008. Applications will be due in mid September 2008. For enquiries about e-fellowships for 2009, contact

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