Tuesday, November 6

Music composition competition - Jane and the Dragon

CORE Education, in partnership with Weta Productions, is creating an educational web site for students and teachers based on the TV series Jane and the Dragon.

The first activity, the Music of the Middle Ages Composition Competition, is running throughout Term 4, 2007.

Author and illustrator Martin Baynton has provided the lyrics for two songs, and schools are invited to have students compose and record a piece of music for them. (This would be suitable for a whole class or a group of students.) This may be using ICT to record authentic instruments, editing sound files, or using music software to compose and record melodies. You might choose to have a small group do this, or involve the whole class. Find out more about the composition competition on the Knight School website - teacher notes, curriculum links, research material... http://www.janeandthedragon.school.nz

Competition closing date: 7 December, 2007

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Moturoa said...

I have passed this on to one of our teachers who does a lot of work with Garageband- one of his year five children has already composed a song which is played by our school band.

Thanks for the link.