Sunday, July 29

Smelling the Roses

I attended a couple of Andrew Churches(Kristin College) workshops at last weeks SCHOOLtech07 Conference. As part of one of his presentations he shared the following movie. I think it would be very appropriate for NZ teenagers to view. I also see this video as a great example of what is possible during the ‘So What, Now What' stage of an inquiry. A similar video could have been created by students after they had engaged in an inquiry that compared their life to that of some-one else’s. Great video, thanks Andrew !!!


Adrian Bruce & The Ace Kids said...

We really liked the video that you chose and think that it is sad.
Your choice of video is harsh but true. You are very sensible to put
it on your blog. Thank-You for showing us.

Dear Rocky
I really admire your choice of your youtube video.
You taught us a of a lot about what we take for granted and that we need to put more into life and try to help everything towards these unfortunate people.
I hope your you tube gets into other peoples head like it did to ours.

Hope to see more of your significant work .

Best of luck.

G &L
My class and I watched this video and I would like to thank you for helping to open our eyes to how much we have and how much the people in Lou need our help and support.

Were Annie and Elodie of Australia!
And your video really woke us up so we are now going to make a change to what we do we think we have it tough but when we saw this video we got a real wake up call. We take all things we have for granted but now we realize overseas they don’t even have enough food or water or bandages for wounds so now were going to make a change we have decided for the 40 hour famine to have a no food party for a couple of hours and see what it really feels like.
Thanks do much for the Wake up call
Elodie and Annie

Fantastic blog What a great choice of movie clip it really made us think about how fortunate we are we hope many more people see your blog and think the same. Keep the great work up !!!

Ingrid and Camille

Hi Rochelle,
This video makes you think about how grateful we should be for what we have. We take a lot of things for granted when they don’t have anything at all .They don’t have the resources we do and we wake up each morning after a good nights sleep and they wake up with troubles and wondering if they have the strength to make it through another day, wondering if they will survive to see next week. It has made a lot of people open there eyes.

Macey & Julia

Hello Rochelle

Our class has watched the movie on your blog, and it has inspired my friend and I to try the 40 hour famine. The movie was funny and heart-felt all at once, you showed us that there is more to life than we think, we should appreciate what we already have, so thank you for this wonderful experience.

Sincerely Allie and Tayla

Hello Rochelle Jensen,
We watched your you tube video on your blog and really wanted to say something about it!
We think it is extremely sensible the way they compare our everyday life with people that are doing it tougher than us!
And how do you think she could afford a 1 gb Ipod and not a new toothbrush.
We really enjoyed this film and just wanted to say thank you for putting it on your blog!
From Yun Yun and Amelia in Australia!

Dear Rochelle, This video makes you think how grateful we should be. It is silly that these children don’t get the proper medical attention and food and water they need. This video also tells us how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful safe environment and those poor children are also so scared and worried about what will happen tomorrow whether they will live or not.

Hi, this is an excellent video because it tells people what they should do to get off the ps2 and help the people who are starving in other countries.

Hi , I loved your video , it was very inspiring to me because there are a lot of children out there suffering because of food, water, war and disease, it makes me want to get out there and do something. It sickens me how people in all of the “rich countries” are so stubborn about wanting their computer games and there ipods ,when children are going hungry.

Andrew Robitaille said...

Hi Rocky,

This video is BRILLIANT! My school is about to do the 40 Hour Famine, and I intend to show it to my staff and students. Thanks for sharing!