Monday, June 18

Go Google!!!

This link takes you to some amazing printable ‘how –to’s’ on top google resources for educators. These pdf files are short (max. 2pages) attractively presented and contain just the right amount of info. to get started.
The information is organised into the following headings:
**What Is It ?
**Why Use It ?
**Instructional Ideas
**________ in Action
**Additional Resources

The ones that had instant appeal to me include:
*Sketch Up
*Maps in the Classroom
*Page Creator

Don't reinvent the wheel before checking these out !!

If you are not a gmail account holder you may have to sign up. Quick and painless process. Worthwhile when you see the resources !


EdgeoftheSeat said...

Cool resource! Thanks Rochelle.

Rachel Boyd said...

Oooohhh!! These look interesting!

Wish I could make info sheets look attractive as theirs ;)

Cheers, Rachel, (Nelson)

Anonymous said...

great resource

Anonymous said...

I think its awesome what your doing keep it up.