Sunday, October 22

Web 2.0 - Especially for Educators
This blog offers educators a compilation of web 2.0 tools that have been researched and tested. It is designed to help students; teachers and administrators in there search for new products and technologies for easier and more efficient learning.

The blog is organised into three sections:
Part 1 – Web based tools for teaching and learning
Part 2 – Web based office applications for teaching and learning
Part 3 – Real cases of web 2.0 used in classrooms around the world (coming soon)

How might teachers use it?
This blog could be used by teachers in their search for applications to assist with organization, curriculum and office solutions. For example I might want my students to develop their skills of self –management - meeting deadlines, goal setting, note taking, time management etc. A glance at this site provides me with a review and summary of a handful of such tools. I could facilitate an evaluation of some of these tools and encourage students to justify what they have chosen and why.

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