Tuesday, October 31

Someday to Monday - Enhancing Literacy

I stumbled across this site when looking for an interactive tool to support children with letter writing.
The student materials section of this site contains a range of engaging interactive tools to support reading and writing in primary schools. Each of the 40+ tools is well supported with a summary of the intended learning objectives, directions on how to use the tool and sample lessons that integrate the tool. No payment or passwords are required!

Ideal for use with a literacy group. A brief site introduction to the whole class via a data- projector followed by an opportunity for groups to explore and demonstrate their understanding of a particular text via one of these interactives would prove an ideal start.
A brief sharing back by the group would also help spread the word on the interactives available, how to use them and how they have helped develop the groups understanding.

I have listed some of the interactives below:

Character Trading Cards – explore characters by creating character cards
Plot Diagram – use to map the events in a story
Fact Fragment Frenzy - an online model for finding facts in nonfiction text
Comic Creator – use to compose own comic strips for a variety of contexts

Check it out and please post some feedback.

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Barbara said...

This is a great tools. I had stumbled across it a few weeks ago through another blog. It is very adaptble and can be used with students of all ages. We used it today with the 8th grade. We were using the the persuasion map and it was a wonderful way to assure they provided evidence for each point. It is the classic format of writing and with students at this level we could empasize using quotes for evidence and providing citation details.