Monday, September 4


A frisbee camera, a stereo dock combined with a toilet roll holder, a braille phone, a bike that folds up to the size of an umbrella ….
Motivate your learners by getting involved in an online community that focuses on new technology. Some amazing ideas to provide a springboard for your own.

Getting Started: This site focuses on getting the latest products to the world markets. The toy section is well worth a look.,8599,1129516,00.html
Best Inventions – Time Magazine

Do you digg it? Articles are submitted on and voted on in the dig community. Categories in dig include technologies.

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Artichoke said...

If you like the thinking these sites provoke - reckon you might like Kevin Kelly's Street Use
This site features the ways in which people modify and re-create technology. Herein a collection of personal modifications, folk innovations, street customization, ad hoc alterations, wear-patterns, home-made versions and indigenous ingenuity. In short -- stuff as it is actually used, and not how its creators planned on it being used. As William Gibson said, "The street finds its own uses for things." I welcome suggestions of links, and contributions from others to include in this compendium. -- KK