Sunday, September 10

Kids Creating Games

Over the last few months I have been sorting and sifting through software in the hope of finding some tools that primary age children could use to create games.
The kids and I have had a ball!!! Alice and Quia - two very different applications have proved popular.
Quia is an online activity and quiz generator that allows you to create anything from a hangman activity to a ‘Who wants to me a Millionaire' quiz show. Download the free 30day trial from
We used QUIA to create games about pests and predators. The questions the children devised for their games were very telling in terms of their depth of understanding.

Alice – is a programming environment that allows students to create animated movies and simple video games. Students control the behaviors of 3D objects and characters in a virtual world. This software is free, user-friendly and suitable for students from 8 +. Download from:
We made use of this tool to retell legends and later to create interactive sun-smart games.

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Artichoke said...

Thanks Rocky - will pass on the link to this post to cluster teachers in activ@eden and Waikowhai cluster.

Think that nurturing student gaming might well be a way to build creativity and then innovation - you should share some of your experiences on the innovation page of the ULearn06 wiki