Thursday, June 1

‘Into IT’ workshops are targeted to teachers who are new to ICT curriculum integration as well as those who are confident users looking for new ideas.

Teachers may wish to attend only one workshop or a number of them. Each workshop will run from 3.30pm to 5.30pm at School Support Services in Durham Street. All workshops will be facilitated by ICT adviser: Rochelle Jensen (Rocky).

Email confirmation is required as workshops will be limited in numbers. Bring your laptop. (No charge for workshops)

A Medley of Ideas for Junior Teachers - Thursday 27th July
This workshop focuses on enhancing literacy and numeracy with ICT. Practical ideas that can easily be integrated into the daily classroom programme will be the focus.
Photostory. Kidpix, Digital Learning Objects, skill builders …Oodles of examples and resources to share.

Freeware/Shareware and Online Gems - Thursday 10th August
Need some fresh ideas on integrating ICT into your class? Let your imagination go wild as we look at sites, freeware and other tips and tricks. Something for everyone across the primary levels.

Do you love your laptop yet?
- Thursday 17th August
This workshop is for absolute beginners. Numbers will be low and the focus will be on providing a safe environment so that burning questions can be addressed. During this workshop we will look at some generic gems including file management, working with graphics and timesaver websites. There will also be time to address individual needs on a one to one basis.

Podcasting with a PC - Thursday 7th September
Love the sound of your own voice, after this workshop. This will be a hands-on workshop where all participants will go through the basic steps involved in creating a podcast using the freeware Audacity.


Aim2Know said...

Well done Rocky. Workshops look very worthwhile, especially the beginners one.
Keep up the great work.

Aim2Know said...

Well done Rocky. Workshops look great, especially the junior teachers one.
Keep up the great work.