Sunday, April 22

Peer Tutoring

There are 27 teachers in Room 11.

When I returned to full-time teaching this year I decided that to survive and to be effective I was going to have to work smarter. John Hattie’s book ‘Visible Learning for Teachers’ helped me to decide what was worth spending time on. Mark Treadwell provides a succinct summary of this research here:
Peer Tutoring came up with an effect size of 0.50 so is something that I have been exploring with my class.
What we do?
 a) Students complete a pre-test and then a ‘Digging into Data’ sheet to explore what they know, what they still need to know and what they could be a tutor or tutee in.
b) The teacher uses this info. to arrange groups and tutors. Groups are usually really small ( 1 tutor and 1-3 students)
c) Tutors are supported by the teacher to plan their lesson. See template.
d) Lessons take place.
e) b-d is repeated.

We also use peer tutoring more informally as needs arise.

The photos below display peer tutoring in measurement. The engagement oozes from the photos! The benefits I have noted so far are not only academic but also social and emotional.

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