Monday, June 20

The Registered Teacher Criteria wiki

This wiki was developed by the two national Digi Advisors. Our role includes promoting the use of digital content in schools including the use of key Ministry of Education sites such as Digistore and Software for Learning. We felt that there was little explicit reference to the use of e-learning in the criteria and that there was a place for a resource that helped teachers from all sectors to make the connections between the twelve criteria and the effective use of e-learning.

Teachers and schools could use this resource in a number of ways including:
  • helping individual teachers to identify how their current practice in e-learning relates to the criteria in order to write to this in official appraisal documents;
  • providing examples of how other educators are using e-learning in relation to the criteria in order to help teachers develop their own practice and set goals;
  • supporting professional learning opportunities within schools that are focusing on the Registered Teacher Criteria and appraisal processes;
  • providing a resource for school leaders to support teachers to develop goals related to the criteria which incorporate e-learning.

To view the full resource, click here:

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