Monday, March 28


My social networks came through again last week by providing me with some just-in-time, practical support. Thanks @NZWaikato via twitter for introducing me to Comments4Kids.

Comments4Kids provides a database of blogs; set-up to support students and teachers to find blogs to comment on and to get their own posts commented on.
In addition Comments4Kids also introduced me to the Comment4Kids Wednesday concept. Basically this involves the teacher selecting relevant post for their students to comment on. Read more here.

What we did?

I introduced Comments4Kids Thursday to my class of Year 5 /6’s .   We had previously developed criteria for quality comments. In preparation I searched the  Comments4Kids database for some relevant blog posts and linked these to our Learning Management System. Students were then given the task of responding to a blog post, using our criteria.

It worked ‘ok’ for the first time. The students were highly motivated to view and respond. They worked in pairs and consulted our criteria before posting their comments. My next challenge is to locate blog posts that relate more closely to the work we are doing in class and that are structured in a way that invite rigorous comment.

Any support greatly appreciated.

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