Sunday, June 27

ISTE Conference Denver - Day 1


Fiona Grant
and I had the absolute pleasure of spending 10 minutes with the founders of wikispaces: James Byers and Adam Frey. Humble, young guys committed to enabling, even the most resistant, teacher to harness the benefits of web 2.0.

What we found out?

1. Setting up individual accounts for students has just got even easier! ( no student emails required)
This utility lets you quickly create up to 100 new accounts in bulk and add them as members of your wikis. Available for new and existing educator wikis.
Great for enabling private areas within a class/group wiki.
To do this:
Navigate and sign in to your wiki. Select: Manage Wiki – User Creator.

2. The Wikispaces editor has improved: Within two weeks it will be launched. This editor promises to rid the random and frustrating hitches that some of you may have experienced.
New features:
*Compatible with newer browsers
*Undo and Redo buttons
*the ability to paste in word documents without losing formatting
*improved ability to see who has visited/ edited wiki page

We thanked James and Adam profusely and let them know what a positive impact Wikispaces has had in New Zealand.
Click here for home-grown examples.

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