Sunday, August 30

Breathing E-Learning Into The Draft Literacy Progressions

The e-learning BOP group met on Friday. Over 20 people packed tightly into a room at School Support Services, Tauranga. The goal of the day was reasonably bold but achievable in light of the huge amount of expertise in the group. In short, we spent the day breathing some e-learning into the draft literacy progressions. The end result was an online resource that teachers could use at all levels to support literacy in their school.
We kick started the day by creating a profile of a literate person in the 21st century.

This following clip and reading on "What's so different about multiliteracies?" helped to stimulate our thinking.

What followed was a sharing fest. as everyone collaborated to expand their repertoire of strategies, processes and ideas for using ICT to support literacy programmes. Good old –fashioned sticky notes were then used to match ideas with parts of the draft literacy progressions. We then split into three groups to synthesise the ideas and create an online resource.
Check the resources out for yourself: Please join the wiki if you wish to contribute to this resource.

Feedback from those involved in the day was overwhelming positive with participants being particularly grateful for the opportunity to create a practical resource that could be used straight away.

To learn more about this group and how to be involved please visit our wiki:


Fiona Grant said...

Thanks Rocky will invest time in exploring the wiki resources. Was reading this article earlier that came through on twitter that seems to reflect your purpose too...e-learning BOP is definitely "in the midst of literacy revolution"!

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