Wednesday, April 8

Teaching as Inquiry - Making a Start

I have been experimenting with the 'Teaching as Inquiry' model that forms part of the ‘Effective Pedagogy’ page of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Yesterday, we used this model as a guide in teacher planning for the effective integration of ICT into literacy programmes.

Using this model helped focus our discussion and in particularly influenced us to:

a)use data and other information to identify student learning needs
i.e. PAT, running records, information from the RT Literacy.

b)make use of evidence from research such as ‘Te Mana’ and ‘to call’ on own knowledge of what teaching and learning strategies make a difference for the students in our classroom

c)make decisions regarding the integration of ICT firmly grounded in the knowledge gleaned from the above

d) consider and discuss how we might measure the impact of our changed actions.

Teachers used the ‘teaching as inquiry’ model to guide their sharing at the after-school staff meeting. When asked to reflect on the impact of using this model, the consensus was that it had been significant in ensuring the needs of our learners and what we know about what works for our learners drove our decisions about how to integrate ICT.

I attempted to record these teachers as these shared but unfortunately the video camera malfunctioned!! Later I recorded my reflections on the process.

Here is a link to a copy of the 'Teaching as Inquiry' template that was used to guide our thinking.

I look forward to the shuffling between the stages that will continue.

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Anonymous said...

liked listening to this, have been thinking about how to use this model myself with staff - to make it living in our school. this is a good spring board for how I/we could use it, thanks :) fiona h