Monday, February 16

Handpicked Collaborative Projects - Updates

Handpicked Collaborative Projects has just been updated to include:

***Feet First - a project aimed at encouraging students to walk to school more and to understand why this is such important social action.

***48 hours of Furious FilmMaking - - NZ's largest film competition! A cinematic bootcamp !!. Simply put, filmmaking teams have just one weekend to make a short film. Filmmakers don't know what genre (thriller/romance etc) they will be shooting until the start of the competition.

My Favourite
Daily Lesson Plans from the New York Times - Every day the ‘New York Times’ creates a rich lesson focused on an article from the current day’s newspaper. The lesson archive contains hundreds of free lesson plans for grades 6-12.

***Square Root Day: Join Jennifer Wagner’s mathematics project and share your resources on celebrating square root day.

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