Monday, August 25

Innovative Online Conferences

International Networking for Educational Transformation
(iNet) is hosting three online conferences for 2008.
These will be held in October and November,
two of the conferences are for educators and will address key topics of interest to schools in many countries.

Learning spaces for 3 to 19 year olds - 20 October to 31 October 2008
Student leadership - 24 November to 5 December 2008

The third conference is for 5 to 18 year old students only, the topic is :
What do you do for fun? 10 November to 21 November 2008

They will all be worth a look. I am particularly interested in the 'Student Leadership' conference. The blurb sounds promising:

Many schools are exploring how the development of student voice and student leadership is the key to personalisation, with students becoming active partners in the construction of their education. This conference is an opportunity to share how schools are developing students as leaders and how this may inspire innovation and transformation.

•What is student voice and leadership and what does it mean to be a student leader?
•How are schools enabling all students to be leaders?
•What difference can co-construction between students and teachers make?
•Describe a ‘school’ of the future which has been transformed through innovative approaches to student leadership.

For general conference info. visit :
To register online for the student conference, visit:

To register online for the educator conferences, visit:

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