Friday, August 1

Fantastic Freeware

This week I facilitated a course called ‘Fantastic Freeware’. The goal was to share ‘top tools’ for teaching and learning and most importantly talk about why we might use them and how they could be used to improve outcomes for students. The diversity of the group made for some rich sharing. At the course were primary and secondary teachers, school librarians and school leaders, teachers in ictpd clusters and teachers who were not.
Overall, the most popular tools that all teachers saw loads of opportunity for were:
Voice thread
(Many of the teachers already had a web presence for their class such as a wiki or blog.)

The powerpoint used for the day is below. We didn’t stick to at all, as we flew all around the place.
Thanks Suzie Vesper and Andrew Churches, we referred to your work a lot.


Mr Lietze said...

Rocky your presentation looks great. I bet there were many teachers who left with lots to look at and some new ideas.

Richard said...

Great presentation I have refered a few people on to it thanks for sharing.