Monday, March 3

Riding the Beast

I haven’t posted for ages but I have a really good excuse!
I have been busy making sense of the masses of info. by creating more or in the words of Hargadon
“In becoming a producer as well as a consumer, we start to ride the beast instead of just being dragged along by it.”

Sooo check out the following online additions that will become regular spaces for me to sort, sift and synthesise new information:

a) Learning Links Newsletter Insert – This is a monthly newsletter for parents and whanau. The purpose is to inform the community of some of the high quality online resources that they can use at home to support learning. The other key aim of this newsletter is to provide parents/whanau with information about the changing needs of today’s children.
(I will email the attachment to principals in the Tauranga area and they can send it home with their regular newsletter or post it on their website/blog).
b) Handpicked Collaborative Projects – This site is a place for me to collect pedagogically-sound, active, online collaborative projects. It means that as I come across projects and evaluate them that I can then share ‘the best ones’. It is also a place to explore the science behind these projects. I hope teachers will make comments on this site about their experience with online projects.
c) Handpicked Web-Tools for Educators – This wiki has been set up as a place to share top web 2.0 finds as well as a place to share the ‘nitty-gritty’ on the use of web 2.0 tools.

I look forward to your feedback.

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Mr Lietze said...

Rocky your sites look great! You have put a lot of time into them I can see.
Thanks :+)