Wednesday, March 21

Skrlb - Online White-board

I am finding this web based whiteboard really handy.
It is a simple tool for sharing online. Contributions appear immediately and multiple users can submit at once.
Huge potential for encouraging whanau/ community contributions to class ‘work’. Give it a whirl with a reading group, perhaps they could use it to post how personal experiences related to those in the book. Maybe they will share more as contributions can be anonymous.
Thank Ivan Lomax, Gisborne E-Learning Adviser, for sharing this morsel.


Anonymous said...

Rocky another online whiteboard I've seen thatis worth a look is at funded by General Electric. Don't know how it compares to skrbl ...

Stephen Bright

Wini said...

Kia ora Rocky
HELP - I accidently took off my professional reading element on my blog. I was wanting to replace them with another document. Smart me??? The documents are sitting in my folder in How can I get them back into my blog? I know I need to go to "customize" in my Blog, but I can't for the life of me add another "drop down box like "archives".

Wini said...

Help Rocky. I inadvertantly scrubbed my Professional reading folder. I was taking away the articles and changing them. I've cleared the whole file. I've added more files to Dont know how to transfer the new ones in, and get rid of the 2 I inially put up.