Saturday, February 3

Timesavers Anyone?

This blog was set up to assist teachers by providing them with access to info. and resources aimed at enabling the 21st c learner. The following site set up by Australian teacher, Adrian Bruce, does just that !!
The award winning site is full of rich activities and creative ideas that promote thinking, researching, values, attitudes and much, much more.
Here is a couple of classroom activities direct from his site:
Movie Review Fun
With a partner you must either- go to the movies, rent a DVD or decide on a movie on free to air TV and present a review of the film as a 3 minute entertaining play for our class. The movie you chose must be rated either G or PG and you must gain your parents' permission to watch it.
In this task one reviewer is to use nothing but superlatives to sing the praises of the film whereas the other reviewer is abhore the film with a passion.

The Ultimate Aircraft
Over the course of the next week you must seek out 'the mother of all paper aeroplane design'. You must make the model and then tweak it to either achieve maximum distance, maximum loops before hitting the ground or maximum height. NB for this last one you will need a clinometer.

Adrian has recently added a homework section and a link to tried and true free software.

Thank you to the local teacher who pointed this website out some time ago.

Hope you find the links helpful.

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