Sunday, February 25

Authentic Contexts

Last week I stumbled across a collection of youth journalism websites, these should prove useful in the search for authentic learning contexts. I liked ‘Headliners’ the best, this UK programme involves , young people aged 8 to 19 researching and writing stories on issues that are important to them. The story library contains over 1200 articles organised into categories including: Children’s Rights, Family and Relationships, Education, Reviews, Sports, Values and Religion.
Below I have listed some article titles, hopefully these serve as a taster for the richness found within this URL:
**Back to Basics Today's means of communication are wide ranging from internet forums, blogging, instant messaging, emails and texting, but have we lost our ability to communicate on a basic level? Headliners Gavin Moran, 17, explores the topic.
**What do I care? Emmet Barr feels young people need to wake up to the reality of the debts many families face at this time of year.
**Bringing D-D to life What relevance does the Second World War hold for young people today?
**If I were in Charge What would happen if 15-year-old Kauthar Siddique-Parks was in charge?

Perhaps teachers could facilitate a lesson that involves students analyzing some of the articles and determining criteria for a great news report. Many of these sites are screaming out for young people to submit their own articles.

Has anyone stumbled across a NZ equivalent to Headliners???


Oliver Benson said...

Hi Rocky,

Thanks for your kind words about Headliners.

We're not aware of an equivilant organisation in New Zealand, but if you find any organisation, we'd be happy to swap stories with them.

Best wishes,


ash said...

ash said - hi, looks a useful link. will share it with a couple of teachers tomorrow