Thursday, November 23

Blogging Workshop

It was great to work together on setting up classroom blogs. Thanks for your questions and enthusiasm.
Please feedback on the value of today's workshop:
Was it helpful? What further support could you have done with?
Have could it have been improved

Click here to check out the powerpoint used in today's workshop

Happy Blogging !!!


wayne said...

It was a great sessio today and as you can see I am in and playing with the blog.
Thanks for the help on the Acid software as well

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's taken so long...better late than never I guess :)
Really did enjoy the course thankyou. Hope to get my blog underway with my class next year. Have discussed with Mark getting some rules slash etiquette set up first.
Hey you missed a great trip yesterday. The firestation was particularly appealing!
Catch up with you soon.

Ms D said...

Great day! Thanks so much Rocky. Can't wait to blog with my Y7-8s next year. Sorry I took so long to reply but waiting for my new laptop!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great practical session. Like the way you are always to the point and really class relevant. Particularly liked the way you had allowed time for us to start our own blog.

Great stuff
Ms A