Thursday, August 3

Technical Hitches

It is great to see so many teachers pushing the boundaries with ICT. Sadly being the first to try something new can often mean you are met with a few obstacles i.e. software not installed, filters blocking you out, plug-in’s required. Don’t give up; these hitches are easily fixed hopefully with the support of your techie. Make sure your school has robust systems for technical support – i.e. book to record problems and how they were fixed, regular techie visits…

Click on the 'Treasure Chest' on the right hand side of this page to view a service assistance template developed by Ivan Lomax (ICT Advisor- Gisborne). This template is an example of the process that some schools follow for addressing problems.
Make sure your school has clear procedures and that every staff member is aware of then.

The system should not restrict your teaching and learning goals.

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