Monday, June 19

Developing Oral Language with Podcasting

Had lots of fun podcasting with some kids in Whakatane last week.
We used audacity (free download) to mix our sounds.
It was neat to see the kids enjoying the sound of their own voices !!!

"The number one skill in the 21st C is effective oral language. Not only is it essential in keeping relationships together it also is the basis for effective team work in sport and social engagement. It is also the most important skill in the workforce.” Mark Treadwell

Some ideas for using podcasts in the classroom
* another way of submitting work
* create a podcast about a school trip
* create a news report
* create a class or school radio station
* find and use podcasts as another source of research material

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Vicki Maguire said...

Hi Rocky,
Great to see you...I am investigating this media to link to our class website...anyway...POD casting is an awesome way to get children to communicate their ideas, present their work and it gives them a chance to evaluate what they actually sound like when presenting. Check out Room 4s initial casts...more to come this term....